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Applicants to NCAD are required to submit a portfolio of original work. Please review the NCAD Academic Catalog or this web site for descriptions outlining what would be considered appropriate work to submit, based on your program of interest. Please fill out the following, and submit your portfolio as individual image files.
  • You can upload .jpg, .png, or .pdf files. The maximum files size for individual file uploads is 1 MB.

    In order to check the size and dimensions of an image on your computer, follow these steps:

    1. Open the folder or file location where the image is saved. 2. Right-click the image. 3. Select Get Info (Mac) or Properties (Windows). For Windows users, you also need to click on either the Details or Summary tab for the information. The tab will depend on your operating system.

    If any of your images are larger than 1 MB in file size, you will need to resize your image using an image editing software application like Photoshop or GIMP (or any other image editing application that allows you to alter image properties).

    Using your available image editing software, you should be able to modify the image properties in those programs to decrease the file size, and then upload the newly resized images through the portfolio upload page.

    For example, if you have access to Photoshop then open your files one at time, and under Image > Image Size, after making sure that the image resolution is set to 72 pixels per inch, set the units of resolution and size (height and width) to pixels, and then change the larger image dimension (width or height) to be 1000 pixels or less and let the other dimension (width or height) automatically resize to a smaller pixel dimension.

    Select OK to perform the operation, then save a copy of the resized file using File > Save As, and it should be below 1 MB in file size.

    If you are using another image editing application, the process should be similar. In GIMP, for example, open the image and go to Image > Scale Image and adjust the image size there as described above when using Photoshop, and then under File > Export, save out a .jpg or .png copy of the adjusted, smaller file.

    Do this for each of your images as needed, and then upload the files below.

    Please submit ten image files.