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Our BFA and AOS degree program concentrations include Graphic Design, Illustration, Interactive Design, Motion Design, Media Arts, Animation, and UX. Students are immersed in learning the technical skills, creative problem solving, and development of original concepts. They experiment and learn to communicate ideas through professional level projects to succeed in today’s creative job market. All NCAD students embark on a professional internship in the field of their choice and produce a competitive portfolio.

Which Concentration Should You Choose?


Graphic Design

You want to design for print, packaging or brand identities. NCAD Design students begin their training with a balanced foundation that includes drawing and painting, color theory, photography, digital graphics, and design courses. The Graphic Design Concentration prepares students for a variety of entry-level positions working as print designers, package designers, brand and identity designers, or art directors.


Interactive Design

You want to design interactive websites and mobile apps. The knowledge and skills learned in this concentration are designed to enhance the preparedness of those visual communication students wishing to enter the design, communication, and interactive media industries.


Media Arts

You want to create and/or model environments and characters for the game or film industry. Students develop knowledge, technical skill and practical expertise in professional-level software used to create 3D digital images and animation for print, interactive multimedia, motion design, digital games, and the web.


Motion Design

You want to design and/or animate video for advertising and media. Motion Design allows artists and designers to create complex visual messages by blending together elements of film, music, and graphic design and can include work such as typography and graphics, which can be seen in the opening credits of films, web-based animations, advertising, or 3D logos for television networks.



You want to illustrate for books, magazines or media. Illustrators create work in various media to give visual form to ideas and stories and to communicate information. Successful illustrators exhibit a strong, personal style in their work and use it to support the communication needs of a wide variety of clients. The work of illustrators can be found in magazines, book and CD covers, advertisements, children’s books, graphic novels, film and television, games, websites, and more.

Double Concentration Combinations

A double concentration requires that our students concentrate in two related areas of Visual Communication. At NCAD, we believe that there are several powerful benefits of getting a double concentration, which we require of all our students. The single greatest benefit is it gives our students career options.

Graphic Design and Illustration

Graphic Design and Interactive Design

Graphic Design and Motion Design

Graphic Design and Media Arts

Motion Design and Interactive Design

Media Arts and Motion Design

BFA & AOS Educational Objectives

NCAD has set its educational objectives for the B.F.A. and A.O.S. degrees.

Read about them here.

Demonstrated Acquired Skills

These skills are expected to be demonstrated in the B.F.A and in the A.O.S. Graduate’s Portfolio.