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Mission & Vision

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Our Mission

NCAD prepares students to reach their creative, technical and professional potential. We educate individuals for the challenges of contemporary creative business practice by developing critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, communication and leadership skills. Along with cultivating cross-cultural, and global awareness, NCAD develops the whole professional ready for the demands of the creative industry.

We achieve this goal with a dedicated, diverse faculty

Our faculty includes a diverse group of professional artists, designers, and highly qualified general education instructors who educate and mentor our students through a challenging, ever-evolving curriculum that is designed to develop industry-specific technical skills and encourage creative excellence.

To ensure a personal approach to our student’s education, we intentionally keep all technical occupational courses within our program small with a maximum of 30 students per instructor (in a typical course setting).

Our Vision

  • Provide an educational setting ensuring creativity, creative thinking and artistic excellence.
  • Maintain student-focused services that enhance professional growth.
  • Create an environment of academic responsibility, and professionalism supported by staff, faculty and students.
  • Utilize equipment and technology that mirrors evolving industry standards.
  • Work with our Program Advisory Committee to identify emerging industry trends to ensure our curriculum stays relevant.
  • Assist graduates in cultivating and fostering growth in their careers.
  • Achieve program objectives for student success, retention and completion, leading to desired careers and employment.

NCAD holds essential the value and potential of each individual student making every effort to provide quality educational programs and services to support their growth, development and success.