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Enrollment Fee/Tuition

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Tuition is based on the number of credits scheduled each semester.

The BFA programs at NCAD typically consist of 9 semesters, or 4.5 academic years. The AOS programs at NCAD typically consist of 4 semesters, or 2 academic years. NCAD’s academic year is 2 semesters.

Our Change Policy at NCAD

Students can view or download the catalog from NCAD’s website and are advised during orientation to periodically review, throughout their program the website for updates and changes.

Current students are also informed of any changes when the Financial Aid Office is processing the upcoming academic year’s financial aid and/or enrollment agreement.

Full Time Tuition

Full time enrollment is defined as 12–15 credits per semester. Any credit above the full time maximum of 15 credits per semester will be charged at the part time tuition rate.

Full Time Tuition per Academic year (2 semesters) is $18,000.

Part Time Tuition

Part time enrollment is defined as less than 12 credits per semester.

Part Time Tuition Charge per credit $765.

Note: A single class is typically 2 credits / $1,530 or 3 credits $2,295. See program grids for information on individual course credits.


Late payments will be charged a monthly 0.83% finance charge.

$150 Enrollment Fee (due upon acceptance to NCAD)
$100 Registration Fee (per academic year).
$35 NSF Check Fee.
$25 Computer Lab Fine.
$100 Program Withdrawal Fee.
$5 Official Transcript Copy (each) for non-enrolled students.

Additional Information

Students are required to furnish their own art supplies during the program. Incoming students are required to purchase an art supply kit and digital tablet as specified by NCAD prior to matriculation. The currently estimated cost of books and supplies per semester is $400. Optional recommended computer equipment for incoming students is estimated to be between $1,300 and $1,800.

Recommended computer equipment:

Required Digital Tablet – Wacom Pro

Required adapter – Female USB to Male USB-C

Optional Laptop – MacBook Pro

Optional Desktop – iMac

Students are notified of required equipment and supplies, including required books, supplies and digital equipment prior to the start of each semester. The list of equipment and supplies can be found on the NCAD website prior to the start of each semester.

Payment plans are available. Please contact the Director of Operations for details. These plans do not include art materials, kits, or books.

Returned checks or credit card charges and failure to pay tuition and course-related fees may result in the student being withdrawn from his/her classes. NCAD reserves the right to make a determination on a case- by-case basis. Students will be notified of the withdrawal and the current applicable refund policy will be calculated, based on the student’s last date of attendance, to determine any charges that may be owed to the college, including the withdrawal fee. The students past due account will be turned over to United Collection Services, Inc. for collections services if the student has not made an approved payment plan with NCAD, or fails to abide by the agreed upon payment plan. All outstanding fees, based on the current fee schedule, must be paid prior to the student being allowed to re-enter classes.

NCAD reserves the right to withhold grade cards, academic transcripts, diplomas and letters of recommendation until all charges have been paid and the student’s account is cleared. NCAD reserves the right to suspend the student privilege of participating in NCAD scheduled field trips, events and Commencement/ Graduation Ceremonies if the student has an unpaid student account balance. Failure to pay tuition and fees can result in cancellation of registration and financial aid.