Creative Career Pathways

Whether you know exactly where you’re going or you’re just looking to take the first step, finding the right pathway to becoming a creative professional is vitally important.

Choose a creative path you can imagine yourself on, and watch your future come into view — by taking your first steps at NCAD.

NCAD cannot promise or guarantee anyone a job after graduation, but does promise to support our students and alumni in their search for employment.

The following list of job titles illustrates some of the many potential employment options for creative professionals, each walking their unique path. The list is not meant to be exhaustive, but to be illustrative of the diversity and quantity of opportunities that creative professionals may choose to pursue. NCAD provides entry-level career training in the area of Visual Communication, and many of the jobs listed below may require additional training and/or experience.

Job Titles

      • 3D Animator
      • 3D Modeler
      • 3D Texturer
      • Advertising Designer
      • Art Director
      • Book Illustrator
      • Character Designer
      • Children’s Book Illustrator
      • Concept Artist
      • Digital Artist
      • Freelance Illustrator
      • Freelance in Print & Web Design
      • Gallery Owner
      • Game Artist
      • Graphic Designer
      • Graphic Novel Artist
      • In-House Designer
      • Interactive Designer
      • Junior Art Director
      • Motion Graphics Designer
      • Mural Artist
      • Portrait Artist
      • Pre-Visualization Artist
      • Production Artist
      • Sequential Artist
      • Storyboard Artist
      • Studio Artist
      • Videographer
      • Visual Designer
      • Visual Effects Compositing Artist
      • Web Designer/Developer

Please contact our Career Services Coordinator (Cory Ladd at for additional information.