Why Do Students Choose NCAD?

When surveying our students and our graduates, we have heard them express a number of reasons that they would encourage a prospective student to choose Northwest College of Art & Design.

Here are the Top Ten Reasons Students Choose NCAD:

1. At NCAD, it’s All About the Students

At Northwest College of Art & Design, all faculty and administrative staff have one overarching goal — helping every student achieve academic, personal and professional success.

2. Cost

Northwest College of Art & Design is an affordable alternative to the majority of more expensive private art colleges that offer similar Bachelor’s degrees.

3. Small Class Sizes

Students at NCAD will receive the attention they need to do their best work, and will have the opportunity to develop professional and personal relationships with students and professional relationships with instructors.

4. Skills for Today’s Job Market

We constantly review our degree program to be sure that we are providing current and valuable skills training.

5. Professional Instructors

Students will learn from instructors with extensive experience in their fields.

6. A Focus on Career Training

A bachelor’s degree from a traditional university provides little specific job training. A bachelor’s degree from our college prepares you to contribute from your first day on the job.

7. Career Placement Assistance

Our Career Placement service will help students identify and pursue opportunities while they are a student, when they graduate, and throughout the course of their early career.

8. Flexibility

Schedules are typically only 3–4 days a week, which will help fit school into a busy life.

9. City Campus Location

The school is located in the heart of Tacoma, WA, which provides students easy access to employment, internships, and more. We are also just a short drive away from Seattle, or from the beautiful landscape and outdoor activities that surround our location.

10. Over 25 Years of Career Training Experience

NCAD has a rich history of career training and is well-respected by area employers.

Learn More

A list like the one above can only give a partial glimpse of the true experience of being a student at Northwest College of Art & Design. We invite any interested student or family member to contact one of our Admissions Representatives (admissions@ncad.edu or call (253) 272-1126 for more information. Our Admissions staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our college, our Visual Communication degree program, financial aid and other issues, and will provide help with the admissions process.