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All NCAD students are required to have an active portfolio account, and to post work there from each technical/occupational or “studio” class they are enrolled in each semester.

Resources to assist students in photographing traditional (non-digital) art as necessary:

Resources to assist students with, uploading and managing their portfolios:

All NCAD students are required to have an active account, and to post skill development process work there regularly. Student Portfolio links

Students (2016 Starts) — Expected Grad. 2019

Students Behance Links
Anderson, Alyssa
Burk, Ryan
Butcher, Benjamin
Cunningham, Jackson
Dodson, Tiffany
Enterline, Solace
Fenter, Elijah
Fugate, Amanda
Haner, Joseph
Herrera, Jose
Hoppa, Zachary
Jaime Crespo-Cristian
Jensen, Christine
Lathrop, Bailey
Lopez, Mario (Cord)
Lyon, Keith
Mosqueda, Yebel
Ngor, Alexis
Hernandez, Sofy
Robinson, Michael
Ryser, Emilie
Santos, Emilie
Shadburne, Trent
Stewart-Sauls, Brandon
Thompson, Emily
Turner, Sarah
Wayman, Hannah (Morton)
Yedinak, Annabelle
Zenobio, Addison

Students (2013 Starts) — Expected Grad. 2016

Students Behance Links
Beisel, Jessica
Boissonneau, Forrest
Brown, Dalton
Dickson, Haille
Earl, Caleb
Feichtinger, Megan
Foster, Nola
Hawkins, Sienna
Holsinger, Monica
Huntley, Maleenia
Jacobsen, Brett
Johnson, Vernelle
Lagervall, Maryssa
Mamotyuk, Rocsolana
Martin, Katrina
Mitchell, Lizzy
Morales, Judith
Niebuhr, Stephanie
Oberg, Caroline
Pacunayen, Maricel
Reimers, Desirae
Salzano, Danae
Soliman, Liza
Williams, Alyssa
Williams, Kaitlyn
Wright, Breanna
Young, Jeremy