Program Length

Program Length

The B.F.A. degree program is 134 credits, 4.5 academic years (9 semesters), typically completed in 36 months. The program length is not guaranteed and may be lengthened for various reasons including, but not limited to: course failure, suspension, program changes, course reduction or withdrawal. The program may not exceed 201 credits. The program is considered a full time program.

NCAD is a year-round college with three 15-week semesters per 12 months.


Students who interrupt the program at any time will be considered to have withdrawn from the program and must reapply. The program must be completed within 201 credits to comply with the satisfactory progress policy. The program grid is intended to give you an ideal schedule and broad overview of the curriculum. Course names, titles, sequencing, prerequisites, credit value, content, instructor assignment, and/or scheduling is subject to change.

NCAD’s accelerated and highly structured BFA program does not lend itself to flexibility in terms of alternative scheduling due to students failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress. Students who fail coursees may be required to extend the length of their program in order to meet graduation requirements.