NCAD Internships

All NCAD students are required to complete an internship at a specified time during the course of their education.

Why are students required to have an Internship at NCAD?

  1. An internship is a very effective way to test out potential career choices. Students get real-life experience doing the work of an employee in an professional organization or working with a practicing creative professional.
  2. An internship is also a good way to learn about different management styles and work environments. Internships help students learn what type of work suits them.
  3. An internship can help develop professional skills and build a network of contacts. This will help when our students and graduates begin their job search.
  4. An internship will help our graduates get a job after graduation. Employers seek job candidates with some relevant professional experience. Internships build resumes and increase the chances of getting hired while in college and after graduation.

Internships are an opportunity for upper-division students at NCAD to earn credit while working, gaining practical experience, and exploring career options in a professional setting. To receive credit students must complete 135 internship hours and meet with their NCAD internship advisor through the semester.

Below is a sample listing of where or with whom our students have interned over the past several years:

2012 Student Internship Sponsors

  • Marina Games
  • Linda Wolf
  • Project Vero
  • Todd Lockwood
  • Rosalie Gale, Unanimous Craft/Ugly Baby/Etsy Saver
  • TangoSource
  • Loophole Games
  • Fishline
  • Leaky Pictures
  • Heffner Management
  • Lisa Stirrett Glass Studio
  • Olympic College
  • RedTwig Fine Gardening
  • Amy Weber
  • Causality
  • Pike Street Press
  • Sound Publishing
  • Tim Thompson Photography
  • Books to Go Now

2011 Student Internship Sponsors

  • Todd Lockwood
  • Pike St. Press
  • Books To Go Now
  • Tim Thompson Photography
  • Twilight Artist Collective
  • Fanvertise
  • Line Skis
  • Henry Dietrich Gallery
  • Casey Curran
  • Leigh Metters
  • Men’s Wearhouse
  • Dumb Eyes
  • Bainbridge Island Performing Arts
  • Watson Furniture
  • Lisa Stirret Glass Art Studio
  • Catherine Foster
  • Martin Bydalic Photography
  • New Life Kitsap
  • Davis Law Group
  • CKA Creative
  • Paul Langland
  • Jennergy
  • Jonnie Gilman Graphic Design
  • Neil Rabinowitz Photography
  • Marina Games
  • Promotion Arts
  • Dumb Eyes
  • BIPA
  • Fingers Duke

2010 Student Internship Sponsors

  • Mesolini Glass
  • The Ogden Group
  • Dumbeyes
  • Promotionarts
  • Max Grover
  • Amy Weber Studio
  • Lifeform Entertainment
  • Marquand Books
  • Colavito Creative

2009 Student Internship Sponsors

  • Carrie Goller
  • Bainbridge Performing Arts
  • Twilight Artist Collective
  • Jennergy
  • Bainbridge Island Review
  • Smoothstone Partners
  • Neil Rabinowitz Photography
  • Marquand Books
  • Flotation Records
  • Moff Interactive
  • Cricket Moon Media
  • Blakely Elementary School
  • Kitsap Art School
  • Lisa Stirret Glass Art Studio
  • Kristen Tonti
  • Out of The Blue Studio
  • Red Panda Games
  • Push Design
  • Daigle Design
  • The Ogden Group
  • Stephen Schildbach
  • Mystic Beach Studio

Please contact our Career Services Coordinator Cory Ladd at for additional information.