Learning Resource Center

NCAD Students, please go to the password protected section of our website to login into the online component of our LRC: NCAD Online Learning Resources

The Learning Resource Center

The NCAD Learning Resources Center (LRC) is a component of our Student Services and is designed to help our students reach their academic goals while attending NCAD. The LRC is an integral part of the NCAD experience.

LRC services are free of charge and available to all enrolled NCAD students.

The Library

The NCAD library is one component of our LRC.

Northwest College of Art currently has over 1,500 library books and reference materials to support its students. All of these books and resource materials are available to both students and instructors at all times.

Library category holdings include: Advertising, Architecture, Art History, Art Study, Artists, Business and Marketing, CD-Rom Collection, Color, Communication, Computer, Dictionaries, Drawing, Encyclopedias, Environment, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Literature, Museums, Painting, Photography, Printing, Psychology, Reference, Sculpture, Study Skills, Typography, Video, and Writing Skills. In addition the College has Senior Thesis papers/artwork available for student reference.

Select textbooks normally used in the classroom may also be available in the library for check out or use.

There is a library assistant available to help students find resources and answer questions. The organizational system is easy to understand, books and magazines are easy to locate on the shelves, and a simple “pain free” system for library check out is available. Instructors also encourage use of the library when assigning class projects and research assignments. The library continues to grow to meet the needs of the student body.

NCAD does not have any cooperative agreements with other libraries at this time. However, students do have access to books and reference materials from the local Kitsap Regional library system (www.krl.org). Books and reference materials may be checked out over the internet or through any of the four library facilities located in nearby Poulsbo, Bainbridge Island, Silverdale and Bremerton.

The Online LRC

The online component of our LRC provides students access to:

  • Our NCAD Library Catalog
  • Subject-specific resources for a variety of courses and common research topics. Resources may include books, periodicals, databases, or other free free online resources.
  • Writing Guides
  • Research Help
  • Tutorials (Online information literacy tutorials to walk you through the research process)
  • MLA Citation Resources
  • Placement Services Resources