Career Development

Northwest College of Art & Design has a Comprehensive Program to Aid Students in Obtaining Employment

The placement assistance offered to NCAD graduates includes:

  • Assistance with career research and resume writing
  • Defining graduate goals for employment
  • Research on job requirements
  • Assistance with promotional packages/portfolios
  • Coaching on interview procedures and techniques
  • Marketing to potential employers
  • Job referrals/networking

Professional Job Placement is Paramount to the College

Graduates are contacted with any information that may help them find a position in the field. When necessary the Placement Representative will accompany the graduate to meet with potential employers or conduct employment field research. Non-placed graduates are called with updates, and offered assistance and encouragement.

Current Students Receive Placement Guidance Throughout the Program

This includes an orientation to the placement program and workshops in career research, the job market, interview techniques, marketing/lead generation, and necessary correspondence. Between the Sophomore and Junior years, students are required to contact potential employers in their chosen field to enhance their knowledge of the career and internship requirements of the company. These informational interviews are vital for defining placement goals, building confidence and learning / practicing skills in phone etiquette and interviewing techniques.

In addition, Seniors complete an on the job internship where they are able to obtain valuable work experience. The curriculum also strongly emphasizes placement through classes such as Business Planning and Practices and Portfolio and through classroom projects that give the students numerous opportunities to encounter real world work experiences. Professional memberships in organizations such as AIGA allow students to network with potential employers and field trips allow students to see the realities of the workplace.

NCAD is Dedicated to Building Relationships With Employers in the Creative Arts Industry

In today’s market, networking is essential. Employer needs continue to be conveyed to our Director of Education who evaluates and improves the curriculum as needed.

The College works closely with students in the program (semesters 1-9) to promote job placement. Students are encouraged to complete projects in the community to obtain professional art/design for their portfolios and essential work related experience. The College offers diverse placement workshops and opportunities, arranges for students to have additional contact with potential employers, and create greater communication with all students and graduates through newsletters outlining placement success.

The immediate outcome of these services is a stronger and more diverse network of employers for graduates to approach as well as company information on campus for the current students and graduates to investigate.

Current students become motivated and enthusiastic about their employment pursuits when they see their fellow artists succeeding. With additional employment emphasis through their education, students can see the advantages of the curriculum. Many job search fears may disappear after students become accustomed to the process.


Building Credible Work Experience is Essential in Obtaining Employment in the Arts Market

To give our students a jump start Northwest College of Art & Design requires all students complete a 3 credit internship class. With help from the Placement office, students begin to prepare for the internship as early as the sophomore year where they are required to research possible intern opportunities. During certification students are required to put together an employer roster that prioritizes the companies they wish to pursue for an internship. Armed with this research the intern continues working closely with placement staff to secure a senior year internship that is both beneficial and meaningful to the student.

The internship requires the NCAD student to work 9 hours per week (135 hours total) off campus at an approved business appropriate to their education major. An effective internship requires the joint efforts of the employer, the placement staff, and the intern instructor. The intern company provides an on-site supervisor who works with the student and evaluates their on the job performance. These evaluations are completed once a week and submitted to the NCAD Placement Representative who records attendance. The evaluation form is then given to the faculty supervisor monitoring the internship. The supervisor monitors the interns progress and meets with them throughout the semester to advise, evaluate and assist the student.

Please contact our Career Services Coordinator (Cory Ladd at for additional information.